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China Homeland Return Tours
The Ties Program is pleased to assist by requesting permission to visit orphanages, exploring the possibility of meeting foster families and orphanage caretakers, and making arrangements to see other places important to your family's story such as the hotel where your family first met, a hospital, place of finding, or birth village. Families will travel with an English speaking guide to assist with and personalize the visits.
Here are some of the people and places families have or hope to visit as part of their journey to China. This list is an evolving one with frequent additions. See something missing? Or, are there other people or places on your"dream list?" Please email us. We are always open to helping you with other connections.
This is not a complete listing. If your SWI does not appear, please let us know-we are still happy to make arrangements.
We really appreciate the families with adopted Chinese children. Thanks very much for your kindness to rebuild a loving home for them. Our China tour packages customized for adoptive families offer parents and children a better and deeper understanding of China including Chinese culture, tourism, language, local life etc. Besides, we will try our best to provide services such as accommodation, translation, car rental, special activities, return visits to orphanage and birthplace etc. You will find the right service on our website whether you are a single family or multiple families.
zhanjiang of Guangdong-Changchun of Jilin-zhanjiang of Guangdong-Changchun of Jilin-
Destinations: Guangzhou,Leizhou, Guilin,Yangshuo,Changchun, Beijing
Duration: 15 days
Tour Code: CHR 002
Price: From RMByuan12700/p.p

Yujiang of Jiangxi-Fuzhou of FujianYujiang of Jiangxi-Fuzhou of Fujian
Destinations: Yantze cruise,Beijing,Xi’an,Chengdu, Nanchang,Yujiang,Fuzhou,Shanghai
Duration: 21 Days
Tour Code: CHR008
Price: From RMByuan17100/p.p

Huazhou of Guangdong-Baoji of ShanxiHuazhou of Guangdong-Baoji of Shanxi
Tour Code: CHR006

Guiping of Guangxi-Yuling of ShanngxiGuiping of Guangxi-Yuling of Shanngxi
Destinations: Guiping,Nanning,Chengdu,Xi'an,Yulin,Beijing
Duration: 13 Days
Tour Code: CHR 001
Price: From RMByuan17400/p.p
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